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Digital Art

Comms 001 Comms 001

This communications tower is in a village called Dunkirk, in Kent. I photographed the tower on a dreary grey day with this final image in mind. Plenty of editing has been done including drawing the ship in flight and drones working on the tower super..


Comms 002 Comms 002

This tower is located near Etchinghill in Kent. A far more robust Communications tower made with reinforced concrete. Waited for a colourful evening before grabbing multiple angles. I envisaged the space station hanging low in the sky first and it we..


Mining 001 Mining 001

A multimedia piece. I constructed the model out of building bricks and photographed this to form the basis for the final work. I then draw the miners and other details on the digital file using a pen and tablet.Like my other digital works the scale o..


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Woodland 002 Woodland 002

Seeking out a striking composition in a woodland setting is harder than you might think. Watching where you are walking and you may miss it. Something about the balance of the left and right sides of the image caught my eye. It must have something ab..


Lake 001 Lake 001

This was taken in Ireland while attending a wedding, stunning light and calm water created everything. This print is not done justice on a monitor. The area of light reflecting on the water is like liquid gold. Shot on my Olympus Pen...


Sleeper 002 Sleeper 002

I found these people along the coast, a nice society but do not say much. I think they are continued to be surprised by the incoming tide. It was an overcast day so really nice for revealing fine detail. The crisp line created by the sand I find very..