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Asparagus 01 Asparagus 01

Water drops caught in the light of a setting sun in a crop of asparagus! It's a pretty old photograph, taken from slide film. That is why the border is present. Another one of my favourites. If your after a beautiful orange coloured print, this might..


Coastal Print 004 Coastal Print 004

Detail shot of waves on the beach. I love this print, the movement created by shooting at 0.8 seconds is gorgeous. I experimented with a selection of exposures and this was the best! Like many of my images it can be seen as almost purely abstract, ye..


Coastal Print 007 Coastal Print 007

The blue, all about the particular shade of blue for me. The gentle waves of the sea achieved by being a calm day and as the tide was turning, barely a wave was hitting the shore. I wanted some reference so you know what the subject is and the out of..


Coastal Print 008 Coastal Print 008

I shot this at 1 second, F32 using a big stopper ND filter to help get the exposure and control the glare. It's like looking at the sun itself when it's reflecting off the sea. I need at least 1 second to get the lovely marks of trailing light in the..


Coastal Print 009 Coastal Print 009

A very windy day at the beach today and the tide was coming in. As a consequence there were some terrific waves crashing on the shore. This detail shot with my 200mm lens from only a few meters away isolates a wave as it breaks. I love the effect. I ..


Icicle 001 Icicle 001

Shot this icicle several years ago now, I was out walking looking for images and found a bush that had been sprayed with water from a burst pipe. The result was many icicles and probably 1 hour photographing them before the cold got to me. Standing s..


Lights 001 Lights 001

Taken from a series photographed on a cold winter's evening while viewing Christmas Light. These images are completely organic with the effect being created by control of the camera. The detail and colour cannot help but draw you in to look more clos..


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Woodland 002 Woodland 002

Seeking out a striking composition in a woodland setting is harder than you might think. Watching where you are walking and you may miss it. Something about the balance of the left and right sides of the image caught my eye. It must have something ab..


Lake 001 Lake 001

This was taken in Ireland while attending a wedding, stunning light and calm water created everything. This print is not done justice on a monitor. The area of light reflecting on the water is like liquid gold. Shot on my Olympus Pen...


Sleeper 002 Sleeper 002

I found these people along the coast, a nice society but do not say much. I think they are continued to be surprised by the incoming tide. It was an overcast day so really nice for revealing fine detail. The crisp line created by the sand I find very..