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About Us

Hi, I am Chris and welcome to my site. Since I was a young lad I have always wanted to be an artist, pursuing this dream through School and into Art College where I received a B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art. This was back in the early – mid 1990’s when photography was still achieved in the darkroom and film was still the medium of choice.  I am grateful to have been studying during this time as using film is far more unforgiving than digital as you can imagine.  I love digital photography but those days spent in the darkroom processing prints; magical times!

After graduating I have had a varied career having spent the last 18 years as a professional freelance photographer. In all my work I always trust my instincts about light, colour and composition.  That’s what drives my vision. This website will give me the opportunity to share my vision with you and get my images on as many walls as possible. It never fails to surprise me how much better an image looks when it is printed and becomes real. Screens are great but paper is better!

The website will continue to grow over the coming years, with new categories being created and a more diverse range of imagery assuming its place within what I’d like to share with you.

Feel free to contact me regards any questions you may have as I am open to producing commissions.  If you think my style suits you or you have a request about something you’d like to buy just let me know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you appreciate what you see.

Kind Regards